Stream: “Gibberish Rap” via FADER

December 9, 2012

Hannibal Buress, the comedian who contributed an amazing personal history essay to FADER #80 about his exhausting time touring with F Yeah Fest, released what’s believed to be his first rap song today, posted to his producer-friend Tony Trimm’s Soundcloud page then subsequently explained, line by line, by Buress on Rap Genius. Spoofing absurdist adlibs over a phased Clams Casino beat, Buress describes his socks and deodorant, and says I’m rapping! a lot. Decorder hit it on the nose when they wrote, “an obvious point being that an amazing beat can carry a ridiculous song (and maybe that’s ok).” Best standup-rapper’s adlib since Aziz Asari dissed everyone.

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