Episode # 49

The Open Mike Eagle Episode

February 16, 2018

Guests: Open Mike Eagle


On this episode, we have the second appearance from our old college friend Open Mike Eagle. This episode was recorded in September after a Cubs loss to the Dodgers. You might’ve noticed that we have an erratic release schedule.  We veer off into weird freestyle territory several times. It should be an interesting listen.  Tony Trimm raps about snacks more than you think you needed but you do. Open Mike Eagle’s album “Brick Body Kids Still DayDream” is awesome and available everywhere.


Episode # 48

The Serengeti Episode

February 07, 2018

Guests: Serengeti


Hey guys… Tony Trimm here.

On this episode we interview my good friend (Dave) Serengeti who’s credited for giving me my stage name “Trimm.” He’s a prolific and genre-bending rapper/softball pitcher from Chicago that went to the same college as Hannibal and I. He also goes by the alias Kenny Dennis who made the iconic Chicago anthem “Dennehy” and has collaborated with Open Mike Eagle, Anders Holms, Sufjans Stevens and myself. We recorded this one back in July at my apartment and talk about Hannibal’s credit score, Berlin nightlife, lunchables and ordering a deep dish pizza to be delivered 22,000 blocks west to LA from Chicago.

Follow him on Instagram @serengetidave and buy his stuff at Serengetiraps.bigcartel.com and audiorecon.com

Episode # 47

The Run The Jewels Episode

December 22, 2017

Guests: Killer Mike, El-P


Run the Jewels was in Chicago a few weeks ago for a holiday show.  It was a fun interview. EL-P made weird beats with us and Killer Mike talked hella shit.  They’re a great combo. We talked about them making “punch a wall” music and also submitted some beats for placement.  This is our shortest episode so far.   Bevel gave us money.  Go to getbevel.com/hannibal

Episode # 46

The K’Valentine Episode

December 08, 2017

Guests: K'Valentine


On this episode we talked with fellow Chicagoan K’Valentine. I met her in Denver while she was opening for Talib Kweli.  We talk about how she got started crashing green rooms. I added some unnecessary theremin to her songs. We had a good talk.  Her album “Here for a reason” is available everywhere.  Check it out.   Bevel gave us money this episode.  Go to getbevel.com/hannibal for 10% off your first order


Episode # 45

The Mitski Episode

November 28, 2017

Guests: Mitski


On this episode we talked with Mitski.  She was in town for Red Bull’s 30 days in Chicago. They put on a concert every night in November. We were supposed to release this episode to help promote the rest of the concerts a couple weeks ago but life happens. Sorry about that.  Thanks for the money and the liquid energy during dark sleepy times. We had a fun chat with Mitski.  She’s a vagabond musician. She’s lived all over.  She likes autotune.  It’s a good show!  My energy levels are dipping on this writeup. Should’ve been more descriptive. Ah well. Check out this show!

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