Episode # 44

The Zack Fox Episode

November 10, 2017

Guests: Zack Fox


On this episode we talk to Zack Fox.  He used to go by bootymath but then he got his life together.  He’s collaborated with our good buddies Flying Lotus and Thundercat.   He’s a weird creative guy and we only got to scratch the surface of what type of nonsense he’s capable of.  On this episode you’ll also get to hear an unexpected take on the movie Rocky by Tony.


Episode # 43

The Jermaine Fowler Episode

October 28, 2017

Guests: Jermaine Fowler


We talked with Jermaine Fowler. He’s a comedian and energetic person.  I met this dude when he was 19 and now he has a baby.  Life is crazy.  I mean I guess he could’ve had a baby back then too but he didn’t.  You get what I mean.  Don’t be weird.  I sent him 10,000 baby wipes because that type of stuff is really funny to me. Destroyed his whole storage situation.   We get goofy and make some songs and talk about martial arts and Jermaine’s twin brother.  Check him out the season 2 premiere of Superior Donuts on CBS October 30th


Episode # 42

The Tom Segura Episode

October 13, 2017

Guests: Tom Segura


On this ep we talk with Tom Segura.  He’s a stand up comedian.  We first met in Australia.  We did a bunch of shows together with Moshe Kasher for two weeks and then went about our separate lives and I see him about once a year now but those two weeks were dope.  We talk about podcasting, fatherhood, and theremining on this one.  Enjoy!

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Episode # 41

The Roofeeo Episode

October 05, 2017

Guests: Roofeeo


On this episode we talk with my old friend Jahphet Landis AKA Roofeeo.  We met in 2008 when he was in a band called the Death Set and I was still called Hannibal Buress. He drums in the band TV on the Radio  He also was the house DJ during my residency at Comedy at the Knitting Factory for a couple years and toured as my DJ for a while too. He brought his own musical toy to play with too.  It’s a goofy fun episode.


Episode # 40

The Chris Rock Episode

September 17, 2017

Guests: Chris Rock


We were doing shows at the legendary Chicago Theatre with Chris Rock so I asked him to do the podcast and he kindly obliged.

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